Thursday, September 4, 2008

New TV Show

I watched the premiere of the new series, Sons of Anarchy on FX last night. While I’m not a big fan of rebel bikers and drugs & guns shows, I actually enjoyed this show. Katey Sagal was excellent in her role as Gemma, a tough matriarch-type, who will do anything for her family. I saw one review that referred to it as the “hellcat role”. That title suits the role perfectly. Charlie Hunnam plays her son, Jax, one of the ‘Sons’ gang. It also includes Ron Perlman – whom many might remember as ‘the beast’ opposite Linda Hamilton in the “beauty & the beast” tv series in the late ‘80s. This role suits him to a “T”. Plus, I also saw appearances from Mitch Pileggi (whom most will remember from The X Files), and a guest role for Drea DeMatteo as Jax’ pregnant crack-whore ex. Sprague Grayden also was in the premiere. I remember her from the short-lived series, Jericho.

So, as a whole, it seemed that even with the guns & drugs subjects, there seemed to be enough ‘other stuff’ to keep my attention throughout the show – mainly the wonderful character that Katey Sagal has created here. And, from what I hear, we’ll be able to hear her singing voice in the next episode. For those who haven’t heard Katey’s music, I direct you to my albums uploaded thread to take a listen to the two albums she’s released – “well” and “room”.

Also earlier this week, I had a chance to watch the new legal series on TNT, Raising the bar, with Mark-Paul Gosselaar (who shall forever be known as SBTB's Zach Morris) and Jane Kaczmarek. I'm not a big watcher of legal-type shows, but I did actually enjoy the premiere episode. It's probably not something that I'd watch every week, but I might tune in every now and then. The last legal-type show I actually watched was "Philly" with Kim Delaney, James Denton, and Kyle Secor. I was bummed when it was cancelled so quickly.

Another show that is slated for cancellation is The L Word, following the upcoming season 6. However, Leisha Hailey's character, Alice Piezecki, is slated for a spin-off. It doesn't really make much sense to me. Why quit a successful show, and start a spin-off?

Speaking of TLW, Lauren Lee Smith, who played Dana's 'soup chef' girlfriend, Lara Perkins, on the show is added to the new season of CSI. I'm excited about her addition, as well as the departure of William Petersen's Gil Grissom - a character whom the writers have turned into an unethical hypocrite in the past few seasons and I have no love left for that character. Good riddance, Grissom.

Continuing on the "new shows" subject: My own worst enemy, with Christian Slater seemed interesting in the previews I've seen. Not sure how much I'd actually tune in, though.

I also saw a premiere of a show last week with Christina Cox called S.I.S. I'll have to find out more about that. It was intriguing.

Until my next ramble...

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