Monday, July 27, 2009

The lost heroes

They're few & far between - the female singer/songwriter/entertainer.

I'm talking about those few women who can actually write songs (both melody & lyrics), play the instruments themselves, and put it all together to entertain an audience - all by themselves.

I'm actually listening to one of those few individuals right now - Nancy Wilson. She's probably best known for her contributions to the rock group, Heart, along with her sister, Ann. As a musician, she's earned the nickname, Whizfingers, due to her incredible prowess with the guitar.

Nancy also happens to be the wife of director/journalist/author, Cameron Crowe. She's had lots of musical contributions to most of her husband's movies.

However, with all of her accomplishments that involve her sister or her husband, many still don't know of Nancy's solo album, Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop, which she released in 1999. It's an all-acoustic album, with just Nancy and her guitar (or mandolin), and an occasional background singer. As Nancy says during the performance, - "All we need is a campfire."

I'd say that all you'd need is one listen to this album to enjoy the marvelous, under-appreciated talent that is Nancy Wilson.

Check it out here: Nancy Wilson - Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop

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