Saturday, March 27, 2010

Madison Violet

There are many days where I'm thankful for being in the radio business. Most times it's because I've 'discovered' some great music from an artist I had not previously heard of.

Thus was the case yesterday.

I got an email from a music PR company with a list of various artists they're currently promoting. Among the list was a duo with the name Madison Violet. What caught my eye was that their music was listed under the "roots country" category. Well, that's sure to perk my ears up in a heartbeat. So, of course, I needed to do a little research and music preview.

Yep. I'm sure you can tell that there's a big smile on my face.

Madison Violet is a Canadian duo composed of singer-songwriters Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac. What threw me the most is that they're not 'new'. They have, in fact, already released four albums: a self-titled EP in 2002; Worry The Jury in 2004; Caravan in 2006; and No Fool For Trying was released last year. It's a shame that I hadn't been aware of last year's album, or it would have made my Top-15 of 2009 list.

I had to laugh at a review I read about their last album -- "If Lucinda Williams was shagging Gillian Welch and had a collective love-child with Steve Earle, their offspring might sound a little bit like Madison Violet's new album No Fool For Trying." -- Now how could you not enjoy their music when given that description?

Take a moment to check out their website: or their MySpace page

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