Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something to check out

Just a quick look at what music has been catching my ear recently:

First of all, Brandi Carlile's album, The Story, has been constantly playing on my mp3 player since the beginning of the year, when I finally discovered the fabulous album. There are some great songs - including the title track, as well as josephine, cannonball, turpentine, and basically the rest of the album. The Indigo Girls also make an appearance.

Brandi has opened a few shows for Sheryl Crow this spring/summer, which brings me to another album that's been in constant rotation for my music listening - Sheryl Crow's Detours album. There are a few songs on it that will get stuck in your head, including "out of our heads", and "diamond ring". Sheryl seems to have a renewed vigor with this album. Sheryl's The Globe Sessions, is probably still my favorite album by her.

Another album I'd recommend to check out is the new Emmylou Harris offering, All I intended to be. She does some great covers, including Merle Haggard's "Kern River", Tracy Chapman's "all that you have is your soul", and there's a great rendition of "old five and dimers like me". The album is really growing on me as I continue to listen each day.

There's a lot more great stuff out there to take a listen to, but I'll get to more of them later.

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