Monday, January 18, 2010

Take Your Pick

There are those certain songs that turn out great no matter who ends up singing them. Take the wonderful "You'll never leave Harlan alive", for instance.

I first heard this great song on Patty Loveless' 2001 album, Mountain Soul. She did an incredible job with it. Then I heard Brad Paisley's version of the song on his album, Part II, which was also released in 2001 - about a month prior to Patty's. Kathy Mattea also recorded the song and included it on her wonderful 2008 album, Coal.

I find all three versions of this song to be wonderfully recorded. I'd still consider Patty's version to be my slight favorite, probably only because it was the first one I heard - and maybe because Patty's one of my all-time favorite singers (but Kathy is too!).

So take a listen, and decide which one would be your favorite.

Patty Loveless' Version:

Brad Paisley's Version:

Kathy Mattea's Version:

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