Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He is what he is...and what he's always been

Right now, I'm listening to Merle Haggard's new album, "I am what I am", which is being released on April 20th.

The title succinctly sums up this man and his music. What you get in the new album is exactly what you've heard from him throughout the years. It's what you'd expect from the man whose music has been wonderfully simplistic in melody and lyrics - and wonderfully "Country" in its feel. Steel guitars, dobros, fiddles... this album has it all.

As usual, Merle's lyrics don't pull punches. There are drinkin' songs, train songs, Texas swing songs, and great 'real-life' songs.

At the moment, my favorite song from the album is "How did you find me here?" --
"I thought I could do it; all of it. All by myself. I thought I could win every round. Then I hit rock bottom, the blues I got 'em. Lifted me out of my beer. How did you find me here?"

Another favorite is the opening track, "I've seen it go away." --
"I've seen it in its pride and all its glory. I've seen it through the bars on a dark & stormy day. I've seen it from on high through the tears I've had to cry. Sad part is, I've seen it go away."

The title track wraps up this wonderful compilation with a reflective look at life -- "I'm just a seeker. I'm just a sinner. And I am what I am."

Take a listen to a few of the songs:
"I've seen it go away"

"How did you find me here"

"I am what I am"

"Bad actor"

Yes, the title says it well. This is The Hag - and he is what he is.

If you love pure, real country music - this one is a must-have for your music collection. Be sure to pick this one up for a listen.

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