Monday, September 27, 2010

New releases

I received a couple new-ish albums at the station today.

Jadi Norris' "Make Hay" was released a few months ago.

This is Jadi Norris' debut album. It features the patriotic song, "Hail the American Soldier". Jadi's style is a bit contemporary and a bit rockabilly. The album does well in mixing the rockin' & rowdy with the sweet & tender.

Take a listen to a few of the highlights -

Workin Man's Saturday Night:

Not Coming Back:

Hail the American Soldier:

She Needs Me:

Mickey Utley's "Til Our Hats Float" has been out for about a week:


Mickey may be known for his delta-blues heritage - which does come through a bit in this album - but he also brings some contemporary sound mixed with a little bit of twang. We get to hear a smidgen of fiddle, pedal steel, and even *gasp* a cowbell?! It was nice to see some familiar names in the credits of this album, including Eddie Bayers, John Jarvis, & Brent Mason.

Take a listen to a few of the tracks -
What I've learned about women:

Feels like freedom:

Let's talk about us:

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