Monday, August 30, 2010

Heart - Red Velvet Car

The Wilson sisters are rockin' & rollin' again - this time in their Red Velvet Car!


Ann & Nancy Wilson, along with the rest of the aura that encompasses Heart, are back with a new album titled "Red Velvet Car". With this new release, there's a little rocking, a little lamenting, and a whole lot of great harmony. It's nothing less than one would expect from a project that includes Ann & Nancy. Oh, and did I mention the sounds of the mandolin? It warms my heart every time I hear it.

Nancy takes lead vocals on "Hey you" and "Sunflower". The album concludes with one of my favorite songs ever done by the Wilson sisters - "Sand".

Check out a few of the album highlights:

Red Velvet Car:

Hey You:

Safronias Mark:


Be sure to put this album on your list of ones to listen to. And don't forget to check out their website:

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