Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beth Hart - My California

The new Beth Hart album, My California, has been released.


On first listen, I found this album to be much better than her previous release. On second listen, I realized this was a very good compilation of songs. It's a bit different than her previous releases as the music is not as raw, gritty or loud, but yet her voice is still very powerful. It's a wonderful change.

"Sister Heroine" was written for Beth's sister, Sharon, who died at the age of 32. "Heroine" (with the 'e' on the end) refers to being a female hero and not the drug, heroin. It's a wonderful song with great melody and interesting lyrics. The song has become my favorite so far this year.

Check out a few of the songs from this album:

My California:

Bad love is good enough:

Sister Heroine:

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