Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dirt Drifters - this is my blood

Warner Bros. Records is releasing the debut album from The Dirt Drifters today. The album is titled, This Is My Blood, and is available at all digital retailers.

The Dirt Drifters, comprised of lead singer/guitarist Matt Fleener, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Fleener, vocalist/guitarist Jeff Middleton, bassist Jeremy Little and drummer Nick Diamond, wrote or co-wrote 10 of the project’s 11 tracks, and played on every song of the album. They also have legend Willie Nelson for guest vocals on "I’ll Shut Up Now."

The full track listing includes:
1. Something Better
2. Always A Reason
3. There She Goes
4. It Takes A Man
5. Hurt Somebody
6. Married Men And Motel Rooms
7. I’ll Shut Up Now (ft. Willie Nelson)
8. Name On My Shirt
9. Sun Goes Down
10. Just Got Tonight
11. This Is My Blood

Take a listen to "I'll shut up now"

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