Sunday, June 14, 2009

new this week

Here are a few new album releases this week that you might want to check out:

If you love great bluegrass music, be sure to check out Rhonda Vincent's new album, Destination Life.

As usual, Rhonda & the Rage bring forth a great collection of instruments and vocals. There are a couple of covers that raised my eyebrows, just from the adaptation to the bluegrass style. One of them is "Stop the world (and let me off) - a tune that I most identify with the voice of Patsy Cline. Another cover, "Crazy Love", threw me for a loop with the up-tempo bluegrass style. It's such a startling change from the slow, acoustic version that I'm used to listening to from John & Audrey Wiggins. "Eighth of January" is an instrumental that starts with the familiar sounds of the "battle of new orleans", then veers off a bit. The album finishes with a wonderful a capella song, "When I travel my last mile". Great way to finish off the album.

Be sure to pick this one up.

Another new release on tuesday, is Holly Williams, Here With Me.

I've only had a chance to listen to a few short audio clips from each of the songs on this album, but from what I hear, it sounds like a nice compilation of songs, along with a nice, strong voice.

Also being released on Tuesday is the new album from Bocephus (Hank Jr), 127 Rose Avenue

I've only heard short audio clips of the songs from this album, but it seems to be more of the same great Bocephus, including another version of "long gone lonesome blues".

Michael Martin Murphey is releasing Cowboy Classics: Old West Cowboy Collection.

If you like good Western music, this is the one to take a listen to. After trying his hand in the mainstream of country music a couple decades ago, Michael has certainly found his niche with the cowboy songs. He's got a lot of other 'cowboy' albums out through the years, so go check them out as well.

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