Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jewel - Sweet & Wild

With Jewel’s latest release comes a bit more of a pop-y flavor, with a touch of country – including a hint of fiddle & mandolin.


While some of the melodies may be standard mainstream fare, the lyrics are all pure Jewel (even one not written by her). Thankfully, she’s able to intersperse the more pop-y flavored songs with the countrified ones to make a very nice, cohesive compilation - some being a bit sweet, some a bit on the wild side.

The combination of the ‘Sweet’ and the “Wild” here makes me think of the latest release from Laura Bell Bundy, “Achin’ and Shakin’” , where half of the album was a “heartbreak” tone and the other half was upbeat, “dancin’” tone – and it turned into a bit of a bi-polar album that seemed out of place. With “Sweet & Wild”, Jewel takes that same type of concept, but intersperses the songs to make a much more cohesive unit.

Take a listen to some of the songs:


Bad as it gets:

Stay here forever:


"Sweet & Wild" will be released on June 8th. Be sure to pick this one up

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